• The child wonders around the garden looking for butterflies
  • This bridge links the raised wendy house to the top terrace
  • View of the wendy house through the prairie style planting
  • Ferns framing the water feature
  • Long rectangular water feature with stepping stones for play and access
  • Children in summer house view canvas wall paper or miscanthus in the background
  • Children dressing up in winter clothes whilst laying on the sun lounger
  • Mass planting of Liastris along narrow border
  • Children making the most of the out door water activity
  • Little girls feet on artificial lawn
  • boy eating lunch on lawn area
  • Girl sitting in garden during the evening darkness using the light to aid her drawing

Designing gardens for the family

Designing family gardens is about creating a balance of beauty and interest to ensure both the parents and children's needs are met. This is achieved by manipulating or developing bespoke garden features that will encourage alternative play through the child's senses of sound, sight, smell and touch whilst complimenting and harmonising with the overall design.




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Children can enjoy a garden by the inclusion of wildlife, touch provoking and sound creating plants, directional routes around the space, ‘fun’ garden features such as stepping stones and garden dens, all elements that can make a garden beautiful and interesting.