• garden view of summer house and tree fern
  • trunk of tree framed in glass box in summer house
  • achellia flower head
  • leaves of aeonium
  • seating area in front of bamboo
  • echinacea, achillea and grasses in flower
  • lavender plant in flower
  • Weeping cedar tree with verbena bonariensis in back ground
  • Party in back ground with perennial border in foreground
  • Dicksonia antartica tree
  • Bamboo wind chimes hanging on frame down stair case
  • seen through planting and gong, the sun loungers lay out on afternoon terrace
  • xylophone on frame down stair case
  • blueberry fruit close up
  • someone walking through the garden seen beyond the ecinaceas
  • mixed planting of hydrangea and sambucca
  • relaxing in the hot tub at an afternoon party
  • close up of allium seed heads
  • sun loungers layout on afternoon terrace
  • deck area with sunken hot tub
  • seen through the planting the silver painted wendy house sits elevated above the lawn area
  • children running around the garden playing
  • verbenas at their best with the bright purple flower
  • 3 large stepping stones across water feature for fun and access
  • summer house and cedar tree lite up at night
  • night time fun being had in the garden

Terraced family garden

This difficult sloping lawn was designed into terraces creating four main areas to the garden. Each area offers a unique experience and the whole outdoor space is ideal for entertaining, relaxing, playing or enjoying the views that have since been achieved through this carefully planned design.

Bespoke garden features include:

  • Wendy house on  raised deck area with den like space beneath
  • Connecting bridge from wendy house up to the morning terrace.
  • Stepping stone water feature (suitable for children ages 3+)
  • Sound frame (steps and pergola lined with gentle sounding instruments including bamboo wind chimes, gong and small steel xylophone)
  • Personalised image on canvas wall paper
  • Cedar summer house with retracting doors to create covered deck area

Materials used:

  • Cedar wood for decking, fencing, bridge walk and summer house
  • Sawn finish natural sandstone
  • Black painted rendered walls
  • Artificial lawn

Key Plants Used:

Sun Loving plants:

  • Grasses, Verbena bonariensis, Grasses, Box balls, Liastris, Sambucca nigra, Phormium black variety, Agapanthus, Echinacea, Asters, Eupatorium, Solanum crispum

Shade loving plants:

  • Tree fern and Ferns, Hellebores, Silver birch tree, Grasses, Trailing plants - Muhlenbeckia complexa, Vinca major,Aquilegas


  • Griselinia littoralis, Ceanothus, Heuchera, Lavender
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This is a small garden and was not nice to look at. It has now been transformed to a fantastic family garden with some amazing garden features and ideas of which we all enjoy in our own way.