• View across garden showing the optimum use of space to meet the different needs of the children. The bespoke screen allows a clear view of the garden whilst defining separate spaces for play.
  • From this perspective the screen gives the illusion of a comprehensive fence yet from different viewpoints allows clear views across the garden.
  • This design shows the dining/entertainment area to the right and chill out space with fire pit to the left, leading to the tree house. The decking is separated from the football pitch and trampoline by a bespoke wooden screen and steps.
  • featuring dining area, chill out area with fire pit, trampoline and grass for ball games
  • Trampoline bordered by wooden fence helping to define the small pitch for football.
  • Digger clearing area for trampoline
  • Wooden decking leading down into garden sided by unique wooden fencing helping to define the separate areas of use in garden
  • Wooden decking around treehouse prior to grasses being planted
  • Wooden screen which separates areas within the garden whilst maintaining a sense of space, depth and light
  • This alternative view of the wooden screen gives a more substantial perception of separation from the tree house area to football pitch for the teenage boys
  • This photo reveals how a small garden can have something for all the family. Notice the minimal planting of natural grasses which soften the use of wood whilst giving mum a break from high maintenance gardening!
  • View of beautiful beech tree/house with a sitting area beneath
  • This photo shows how the shifting sun casts shadows on the wood to give the illusion of an undivided, total screen between areas in the garden.
  • A relaxing place to watch the boys play.
  • A simple tree house with seats amongst the branches to enjoy the views.
  • Decking beautifully tailored to fit snugly around  the tree trunk.

Central Brighton family garden for mum and teenage boys

This family garden was asked to be designed to provide a space for a multitude of activities for the 3 boys, whilst maintaining a sense of 'sanctury' for mum! Given this garden size of 13m x 9m, this was somewhat challenging. 


The boys requests included - football pitch!, trampoline!, table tennis!, chill out area with fire pit, and tree house! - Yes all of this, and mum's request of a dining/ entertainment area and some space for a little planting that would suit mum's busy schedule. 


The success to achieving this was to determine areas within the space for particular uses. This was reached by use of bespoke screening and selected planting, seperating the areas. 


Construction was completed December 2012, full planting to be carried out in March 2013.

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‘You’ve been fantastic and everyone whose has seen it so far has been amazed. I can’t believe how quickly it has all taken shape and we can’t wait to have a christening party in the summer. The boys are really enjoying the space’. Thanks Debbie Williams