• Sketcup visual of terrace garden in Brighton
  • Terrace garden with 3 levels
  • Terrace garden to be designed
  • Walls in terrace garden
  • White rendered retainer wall with bamboo planting
  • Raised deck using composite wood
  • Artificial lawn area with slide to lower level in garden
  • Slide leading from paved terrace down to lawn area
  • Steps using composite deck
  • Paved terrace area using black limestone
  • Festuca glauca and fern
  • Deck built on midlevel of terrace garden
  • Newly planted around limestone paving
  • White rendered wall with raised planter
  • Bamboo planted in a raised border
  • Garden steps paved using black limestone
  • Den underneath the decking to make use of the space

Modern Terraced garden Brighton

This steep garden facing north has a fantastic view overlooking Preston Park and the South Downs beyond. The house was disconnected from the garden by a 2m drop to the first of 2 terraces. The aim was to create a garden that was an extension of the house with a seamless flow through the levels to the lowest part of the garden. This was achieved by constructing a raised outdoor dining area that extended out from the bottom room of the house. In the first terrace below the space beneath the decking was utilised to create a funky blue glass walled play den leading onto a black limestone patio. From here a large slide was installed connecting this level to the lower lawn, making access between the gardens fun for children and adults alike! Adding access steps on the opposite side linked the varying levels making the garden work as one. Thus creating a 3 tierd garden that flowed from top to bottom. Beautiful tall bamboos were planted between the bottom 2 terraces, creating a filtered screen that adds movement and allure to the garden whilst providing a distinction between the levels.

The existing structure of man made concrete pavers, old red brick and other tired and worn-out materials were concealed and stylised to work with the overall modern design.By simplifying the elements into white rendered walls and contemporary paving the garden the garden has now achieved a fully usable modern urban space, complimenting the clients' home interior.

Bespoke elements:

Composite deck area with wire balustrade

Glass wall den

Slide route from one terrace to another

Materials used:

White rendered walls

Composite decking

Black limestone paving

Artificial lawn

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